About Joan

 Author, Artist, and Presenter providing playful ways to soar in life!

About Joan

Joan Arent is an award- winning author, illustrator, presenter, and artist who has helped individuals of all ages revolutionize their lives via her products, presentations, enrichment programs and books. Her book “I’ve Never Made A Mistake Once I Thought I Did, But I was Wrong: A book with an edge to keep you off the ledge provides lessons from a frog, Fabio, and a forty-year old virgin.  Her crazy sense of humor takes away the daily slog of the age-old self-development antidotes. She’ll help you put more puff in your pastry and man in your mango. Joan has also written and illustrated three children’s books,  “Bye-Bye, Booger Bug,” “Slumps, Bumps, and Triumphs,” and “Peek-A-Boo Who?” with inspiration from her children.


She is a professional painter, sculptor, illustrator and author. Joan speaks around the world, motivating others with humor, inspiration, and encouragement. She has been presenting since 1985, touching the lives of a wide range of audiences-from leaders at the World Economic Forum to children as young as eight-months-old! Joan’s goal is to entertain while motivating individuals to spread their wings and fly!

Joan draws on her Masters in Special Education, Adaptive Physical Education, and Therapeutic Recreation; her experience in international innovative wellness and her own personal hardships, to develop lecture programs, which she tailors to diverse groups. She educates, empowers, and entertains while instilling a key life-changing message: No matter the hurdles, with creative thinking, perseverance, and passion, everyone can succeed.

Joan’s empowering programs are aimed at individuals of all ages, to whom she brings joy, laughter, and strength to help face down adversity. She helped take care of her sister with Down Syndrome for more than 30 years and her mother with Alzheimer’s for 14 years.
Joan believes that her proactive problem solving skills are relevant to all because problems exist in all forms for all individuals. After creating her own business It Stiks, Whimsical Products and Presentations with a Purpose, her goal continues to grow as she hopes to instill a message that teaches the skills to cope no matter the challenge.

“Get Rid of your STD’s (Self-Traumatizing Doubts).” – From her book I’ve Never Made a Mistake. . . Once I thought I did but I was wrong”


Based on her own triumphs, from a aspiring 58 year old seeking ways to make a difference to those in need while struggling with chronic pain, loss, and in the roll of the double-decker generation taking care of her family and her mother with Alzheimer’s and sister with Alzheimer’s and Down Syndrome to an international speaker, Joan has shared her signature brand of motivational comedy with everyone from women entrepreneurs to multi national corporations to non-profits to educations institutions to three year olds.  She has been with her husband for thirty=three years, helped raise two amazing kids and has risen above the slumps and bumps that life has thrown at her.

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