Adult Presentations

As a SOULution strategist, award-winning author, and internationally recognized speaker and artist, Joan brings razzamatazz to you!

Slumps, Bumps, and Triumphs

As a professional artist, Joan brings her paintbrush to the stage to empower, enlighten, and entertain audiences, influencing them to use their imaginations to optimistically alter their perspective. Joan presents Proactive Problem-Solving Skills You Can Play With to overcome slumps and bumps to triumph at work and at home. Joan is living proof that overcoming personal hurdles can launch you to forge ahead, propelling you to not only survive but thrive.

  • Gain an enlightened perspective that enables you to reframe and refresh for success.
  • Engage in experiential learning that helps you become a more proactive problem-solver.
  • Harness the power of communication and self-talk.


Humor Prevents Hardening of the Attitudes

Is your upside-down cake more down than up? Instead of life being a piece of cake, do you feel like a fruitcake? Humor is a powerful tool to inspire positive thinking, which improves physical and mental health.

Happy employees mean healthy employees, which saves money, improves profits, and increases the overall success of an organization. Joan focuses on the specific skills needed to generate positive emotions to make lifestyle changes that stick.

  • Set goals you can play with.
  • Learn positive-perspective techniques
  • Understand resilience.
  • Make “acceptance” your new buzzword.


Happy Hour: From Burnout To Balance

Stop burnout and create balance in one “happy hour” with Joan!

It can be done, and the key to success is taking the first step. In this interactive presentation, Joan helps participants to:

  • Pinpoint personal and societal pressures, to effectively manage tension.
  • Understand and optimize tools for managing stress.
  • Combat pressures through awareness of society and self, relaxation techniques, self-affirmation, and humor.
  • Master resilience in order to not just survive, but thrive.

Your People, Your Event

Book Joan for your corporate event, church bash, book club, or Wine, Women, and Words event! You’ll talk about how to stay off that edge by learning there are no mistakes—just growth!









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