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Coaching Programs

Life-Leverage Coaching Program: Learn Proactive Problem-Solving Skills You Can Play With by signing up for the coaching program that has helped thousands of people around the world heal their STDs (Self Traumatizing Doubts), triumph in tough S*ITuations, and survive in times of hardship. 

Adult Presentations

Joan’s live seminars are a great resource for you, your team, your employees, or your entire company. Joan has been presenting since 1985, touching the lives of a wide range of audiences, from leaders at the World Economic Forum to caregivers of people with disabilities.

REMEMBER: Big movements come in small adjustments. So learn to manage your BMs.

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“Joan has the ability to hold the listener’s attention and had us rolling with laughter.”

Lisa Heiser-Hutchings, Professional Women’s Group

“Joan’s presentation was very well done, especially the group interaction, her props, and her stories. She did a very nice job engaging the audience.”

Vicky KellerSenior Core of Retired Executives

“Joan is dedicated to helping others improve their quality of life. Her sincere concern is demonstrated through her work and her lifestyle. She applies her contagious positive attitude to all that she does, inspiring those around her.”

—Lee Dukes, Principal Wellness Company

“Outrageously funny, incredibly inspirational, irrationally insightful!”

—Michele Becci, Vice President, Medidata Solutions