About Joan

Author, artist, presenter, and SOULution strategist
who provides playful ways to soar in life!

Joan Arent is an award-winning author, artist, presenter, and coach who has helped individuals of all ages grow professionally and personally. She thrives on helping others be all they can be.

Joan is passionate about sharing her life-changing message: No matter the hurdles, with creative thinking, perseverance, passion, and a warped sense of self everyone can succeed!

Joan’s inspirational humor book, I’ve Never Made a Mistake…Once I Thought I Did, But I Was Wrong: A book with an edge to keep you off the ledge is one of many tools she uses to educate, empower, and entertain using her whimsical Proactive Problem-Solving Skills You Can Play With.

“Taking risks will actually help rid you of STDs!” 
From her book I’ve Never Made A Mistake. . . Once I Thought I Did But I Was Wrong, in a chapter about STDs: Self-Traumatizing Doubts

Why Joan?

Joan-no razz


Each of Joan’s presentations is entertaining with a mix of helpful tips and humor, customized to its audience. Her passion is contagious!

Joan Jumping


It might sound challenging to remain professional while getting people to laugh and learn, but Joan does so with ease, all while practicing what she preaches.



Joan’s whimsical products and presentations have a magical way of creating connections that change participants’ perspectives & allow them to think differently.

Since 1985 Joan has shared her signature growth mindset with everyone from multinational corporations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and International leaders at the World Economic Forum to entrepreneurs and fulltime parents. Putting a humorous twist on experiences from her own life, she eliminates the daily slog of the age-old self-improvement antidotes.

To develop programs tailored to diverse groups and unique hurdles, Joan draws on her Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Special Education and Adaptive Physical Education; her career in global innovative wellness; and her own personal experiences, including running two businesses, raising a family, losing a child, living with chronic pain, and caring her sister with Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s as well as her mom with Alzheimer’s.


Forty-three years ago, Joan hatched the Bird Herd: eleven whimsical birds to help parents and kids problem-solve playfully. Children’s books she has written and illustrated include Bye-Bye, Booger Bug: The Art of Nose-Picking; Slumps, Bumps, and Triumphs; Bedtime Is for the Birds; Flutter Takes a Chance; and Peek-A-Boo Who?

Joan has ridden life’s ups and downs with her husband of thirty-five years. The pair have raised two amazing children and learned to live well, laugh often, and love much. Having the privilege of living in Belgium, Switzerland, England, and Bolivia, and volunteering in Uganda, El Salvador, and Bolivia taught Joan to change the lenses on her glasses to see different people’s perspectives and challenges. Living and volunteering abroad truly shaped her understanding of the world and made her who she is today.

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