I’ve Never Made A Mistake. . .

I’ve Never Made A Mistake. . .


“Get ‘er done” with Joan’s colorful anecdotes to creating the changes you aspire to and laugh your way to self-fulfillment! I survived and thrived even after a loss of a child, chronic pain, all while taking care of my family and my sister with both Down Syndrome & Alzheimer’s!

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Come one, come all!

Is your life a piece of cake—or do you often feel like a fruitcake? If you could use a bit more puff in your pastry and whip in your cream, this book is for you!

With musings on life, love, humor, parenting, and loss, this book with an “edge” not only keeps you off the ledge, but it’s practical tools for overcoming obstacles help you to create lasting change.

Lessons from a frog, Fabio, a forty-year-old virgin, and more include:

  •      Colorful anecdotes and Laughs of the Day
  •      Tips for “MANEtaining” your hairy relationships.
  •      Channeling such maladies as Walt Disney’s Cough, GAS (Giving a Shit), and STD’s (Self-Traumatizing Doubts).

Real-life success stories laced with easily applicable advice—and a few cuss words—will have you laughing and crying your way to self-fulfillment. You’ll turn the final page ready to start living the life you love and loving the life you live!


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