I’ve Never Made A Mistake…Once I thought I Did, But I was Wrong

Come one, come all! 

Is your life a piece of cake—or do you often feel like a fruitcake? If you could use a bit more puff in your pastry and whip in your cream, this book is for you!

With musings on life, love, humor, parenting, and loss, this book with an “edge” not only keeps you off the ledge, but its practical tools for overcoming obstacles help you to create lasting change.

Lessons from a frog, Fabio, a forty-year-old virgin, and more include:

  • Colorful anecdotes and Laughs of the Day
  • Tips for “MANEtaining” your hairy relationships.
  • Channeling such maladies as Walt Disney’s Cough, GAS (Giving a Shit), and STD’s (Self-Traumatizing Doubts).

Real-life success stories laced with easily applicable advice—and a few cuss words—will have you laughing and crying your way to self-fulfillment. You’ll turn the final page ready to start living the life you love and loving the life you live!

Slumps, Bumps, and Triumphs

A book for adults and children similar to Dr. Seuss’s “Oh The Places You’ll Go” full of life lessons. Featuring  Razz, the Bird Herd’s coolest and jazziest member! Razz brings his Razzamatazz into everyone’s world while demonstrating the important skills of success through proactive problem-solving. Join Razz as he overcomes his slumps and makes it over the bumps that life brings him! With the help of his whimsical feathered friends, Razz…
   • PLAYS DETECTIVE. He spies his problems, only to discover that his
problems they are not as big and bad as they appear.
   • FLEXES HIS POWER MUSCLES. He discovers how to think
positively and ignore naysayers.
   • GAINS NEW TOOLS. He learns when and where to ask for help and
how to put his biggest bumps on a diet.
Everyone can go on a fantastic flight of learning, problem-solving,
wordplay, and more. You will TRIUMPH!
Teachers love the Activities and Review Section of the book.
Includes: Inspirational, mini greeting cards to cut out
Age range: 6-Adult (Parents and teachers can use the sections of the book based on the reader’s age range. Adults love whimsical reminders,

Bye-Bye, Booger Bug

Yoho loves Bug Art! But when her MONArch Lisa and other whimsical treasures are invaded by a “Booger Bug,” she and the Bird Herd are sparked into a cultural debate about the Art of Nose-Picking!

In this educational, artistic adventure, Yoho guides Razz, Bloomanita, Kubunga, and Flutter toward proper booger Bug management, including why it’s best not to pick your nose – but if you do, where to tuck in your Booger Bugs for a peaceful rest.

Peek-a-Boo Who? 

Inspires children to read and learn by interacting
with its entertaining cast of critters. Through guessing
games, playing Peek-a-Boo, noun awareness, and word association,
Peek-a-Boo Who encourages and rewards a child’s learning and
exploration of the world!

Book Testimonials

“I’ve Never Made A Mistake is a must read, this book offers hope, healing, and the strength to carry on.” – Michael Franti – American Musician, Poet, Singer-Songwriter, Humanitarian, and Philanthropist

Joan’s storytelling capacity is boundless, brilliant, creative, and juicy. In I’ve Never made a Mistake . . . Once I Thought I Did, but I Was Wrong her wit and wisdom spill out on the pages along with her whole-hearted sharing of a life lived out loud and unabashed. Her commitment to personal growth and turning tragedy into selfless service, demonstrates her ability to love bigger and dig deeper, embracing all of life’s opportunities and challenges, encouraging all of us to do the same.

Dr. Debra Rouse, naturopathic doctor and co-author of Think, Eat, Move, Thrive and Colorado Fit Kitchen.

Dr. James Rouse, functional medicine expert and author of more than a dozen books.

Slumps, Bumps, and Triumphs reads a bit like Dr. Seuss meets the Serenity Prayer. Really fun illustrations along with a positive message written in a clever rhyming manner. The message is backed up by practical things kids can do in their lives to worry less, achieve more, and just have more fun with life. A very nice addition to any young library.” – M. Schwager

“Slumps, Bumps, and Triumphs was creatively written to help our youngsters navigate their world. This book speaks to more than just the younger set. The writer and Illustrator Joan brings her characters into your life addressing everyday life issues, big or small. The illustrations with the Bird Herd bring a fun approach to diffuse our kids worries, and more so, the herd address life playfully, yet head on and give helpful advice. Joan brings a much needed book to our shelves that our kids can not only enjoy, but also learn!”

“Bye-Bye, Booger Bug is really unique and a fun way to learn about boogers and how to dispose of them. I also love that it acknowledges that everyone burps and toots and has boogers. I think that’s an important message for kids who are learning about their body and may feel self-conscious. I wish society were more open with these natural bodily functions but in the meantime, it’s good to know that there are positive messages like these out there for kids!”

“Bye-Bye, Booger Bug is such a hoot! It takes the subject of, well, boogers and lets you playfully inform your kids about how to properly dispose of them. I know, I know… but this is important stuff if you’re a parent or, like me, a grand parent. Kleenex is here for a reason. You will belly laugh at the illustrations and my grandkids love, love, love this story book. Bravo!”

Love this author! Peek-A-Boo-Who? is a great story mixed with humor and just the right amount of color and goofiness. My grandchildren always want this book first.

“I bought Peek-A-Boo-Who? as a gift for my 14-month-old nephew, who is just learning to talk. It looks perfect for enhancing language skills, and for a short and fun read. The book is sturdily made and seems like it should stand up well to the handling of a toddler.”