Rockstar Memorial Fund

Laurie Whalen Rockstar Memorial Fund

About Laurie

The LW Rock Star Memorial Fund a.k.a Lauri Jean is dedicated to the love and support around us that Laurie showed every day. She was a boogie queen, forever in love with the music of Michael Franti and Spearhead. She inspired the Laurie Whalen Rock Star Memorial Fund as we hope to share just as much positive energy and love as Laurie would have given. Every dollar donated goes to granting wishes of those with special needs to attend a special concert with Michael Franti and his band.


“One date I had was Kevin, the garbage truck driver. I kinda liked him until he showed up in his trash truck at my house, which I happened to be sharing with my parents and siblings.
went the doorbell. “Is Joan home?” Kevin inquired. “No, she left to borrow sugar from President Reagan,” Mom deferred.

“She did not!” my sister Laurie revealed, pointing at me. “She’s hiding behind the front door.”


“I remember at the Donor Dash for one of the family’s dear friends little Laurie was able to be part of the event. She was a delight to have support the families of Donor Dash, always offering a smile and an occasional high five.
She enjoyed the beautiful day and I will always remember her shining light on that beautiful summer day. “

  The loving caretaker that she was…

“I remember sitting on Joan’s deck after coming over to chit chat. Laurie was over and happily sitting on the deck with me. Joan had put pine cones on the deck and Laurie was perfectly concerned with keeping the deck clean. She would give Joan a look of concern every time a new pine cone hit the deck. Once the pine cones were cleared, Joan would add some more. Regardless of her frustration, she crawled into Joan’s lap with a big hug.”

“Music has the power to bring people together like no other art form”
-Michael Franti